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Journal of Educational Psychology

2002 Volume 94, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. The Effect of Interactive Media on Children's Story Memory

    Christine M. Ricci & Carole R. Beal

    In order to examine the influence of interactive media on children's story memory, first-grade children experienced a computer-based story in one of four presentation modes, two of which were... More

    pp. 138-44

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  2. Quality of Book-Reading Matters for Emergent Readers: An Experiment with the Same Book in Regular or Electronic Format

    Maria T. de Jong & Adriana G. Bus

    An adult read to 12 children from a regular paper book. Twenty-four children explored a similar electronic book. For half of this group, the electronic book was with and for half without... More

    pp. 145-55

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  3. Verbal Redundancy in Multimedia Learning: When Reading Helps Listening

    Roxana Moreno & Richard E. Mayer

    Three studies investigated whether and under what conditions the addition of on-screen text would facilitate the learning of a narrated scientific multimedia explanation. The overall pattern of... More

    pp. 156-63

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  4. Developing a Computer Workshop To Facilitate Computer Skills and Minimize Anxiety for Early Childhood Educators

    Eileen Wood, Teena Willoughby, Jacqueline Specht, Wilma Stern-Cavalcante & Carol Child

    Early childhood educators were assigned to one of three instructional conditions to assess the impact of computer workshops on their level of computer anxiety, knowledge, and comfort with... More

    pp. 164-70

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  5. Pictorial Aids for Learning by Doing in a Multimedia Geology Simulation Game

    Richard E. Mayer, Patricia Mautone & William Prothero

    The task was to survey an area of a planet's surface to identify the presence of various geological features such as a trench, ridge, or basin. Students who received prior pictorial representations... More

    pp. 171-85

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