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Journal of Educational Psychology

2018 Volume 110, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Anthropomorphism in Decorative Pictures: Benefit or Harm for Learning?

    Sascha Schneider, Steve Nebel, Maik Beege & Günter Daniel Rey

    When people attribute human characteristics to nonhuman objects they are amenable to anthropomorphism. For example, human faces or the insertion of personalized labels are found to trigger... More

    pp. 218-232

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  2. How Affective Charge and Text-Picture Connectedness Moderate the Impact of Decorative Pictures on Multimedia Learning

    Sascha Schneider, Jonathan Dyrna, Luis Meier, Maik Beege & Günter Daniel Rey

    Decorative pictures, which make a learning text aesthetically appealing rather than provide information, have been predominantly found to impair learning by an increase of learning-irrelevant... More

    pp. 233-249

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  3. Animated Pedagogical Agents as Aids in Multimedia Learning: Effects on Eye-Fixations during Learning and Learning Outcomes

    Fuxing Wang, Wenjing Li, Richard E. Mayer & Huashan Liu

    The goal of the present study is to determine how to incorporate social cues such as gesturing in animated pedagogical agents (PAs) for online multimedia lessons in ways that promote student... More

    pp. 250-268

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