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Journal of Educational Psychology

August 2012 Volume 104, Number 3

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Visual Mnemonics for Language Learning: Static Pictures versus Animated Morphs

    Alexander Soemer & Stephan Schwan

    The literature on learning with animations has focused so far on subject matters in which changes over time depicted in the animation are mapped onto changes over time in the reality of the... More

    pp. 565-579

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  2. Computer-Mediated Communication with Distant Friends: Relations with Adjustment during Students' First Semester in College

    John D. Ranney & Wendy Troop-Gordon

    Because of recent technological innovations, college freshmen can readily communicate with friends who they see infrequently (e.g., friends from home). The current study addressed whether computer-... More

    pp. 848-861

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