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Journal of Educational Psychology

August 2010 Volume 102, Number 3

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Helping Students Soar to Success on Computers: An Investigation of the Soar Study Method for Computer-Based Learning

    Dharmananda Jairam & Kenneth A. Kiewra

    This study used self-report and observation techniques to investigate how students study computer-based materials. In addition, it examined if a study method called SOAR can facilitate computer... More

    pp. 601-614

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  2. Does Language Matter in Multimedia Learning? Personalization Principle Revisited

    Gunizi Kartal

    This study examines one of the design principles of multimedia learning in a context dissimilar to the one in which it was originally tested. Personalization principle states that the amount of... More

    pp. 615-624

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