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Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

1992 Volume 23, Number 5

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. The Cognitive Complexity of Learning and Doing Arithmetic

    Stellan Ohlsson

    Proposes a theory of cognitive processes in doing and learning place value arithmetic. Discusses a computer model that simulates the learning of multicolumn subtraction under one-on-one tutoring to... More

    pp. 441-67

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  2. What's in a Model? Issues in the Use of Simulation Models to Analyze Student Understanding: A Reaction to Ohlsson, Ernst, and Rees

    Alan H. Schoenfeld

    Reacts to Ohlsson, Ernst, and Rees' paper by initially discussing the costs of methodology that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to model cognitive processes. Raises three concerns with the... More

    pp. 468-73

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  3. Simulating the Understanding of Arithmetic: A Response to Schoenfeld

    Stellan Ohlsson

    Responds individually to Shoenfeld's objections that Ohlsson, Ernst, and Rees' model is unclear; that the hypotheses about learning are unjustified; that the models have not been tested against... More

    pp. 474-82

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