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Journal of General Education

2014 Volume 63, Number 4

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  1. With a MOOC MOOC Here and a MOOC MOOC There, Here a MOOC, There a MOOC, Everywhere a MOOC MOOC

    Robert Zemsky

    Massive open online courses (MOOCs ) are much less in the news today--but that does not mean that they are no longer important. Rather, their importance now derives from what they demonstrated... More

    pp. 237-243

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  2. Are MOOCs the Future of General Education?

    Karen Head

    General education is at the forefront of the challenges facing faculty and administrators as they develop initiatives to address the nationwide trend focused on college completion programs.... More

    pp. 244-255

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  3. Simple Solutions to Complex Problems--MOOCs as a Panacea?

    Scott A. Bass

    This article is critical of the implementation of massive open online courses (MOOCs) by institutions seeking the deep student learning often found in general education learning outcomes.... More

    pp. 256-268

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  4. MOOCs, Wicked Problems, and the Spirit of the Liberal Arts

    Maureen W. McClure

    Higher education institutions today are increasingly considered to be "means," serving as suppliers for employers, not "ends" that address "wicked" problems. This... More

    pp. 269-286

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