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February 2010 Volume 50, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Differential Sensitivity to Administration Format of Measures of Attitudes toward Older Adults

    Edward Helmes & Alistair Campbell

    Purpose: Reluctance to reveal sensitive or socially undesirable attitudes has posed a problem for measurement of personal attributes such as attitudes toward older people. These have long been... More

    pp. 60-65

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  2. The Stigma of Hearing Loss

    Margaret I. Wallhagen

    Purpose: To explore dimensions of stigma experienced by older adults with hearing loss and those with whom they frequently communicate to target interventions promoting engagement and positive... More

    pp. 66-75

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  3. Understanding Patterns of Service Utilization among Informal Caregivers of Community Older Adults

    Song-Iee Hong

    Purpose: The article seeks to identify patterns of service utilization among informal caregivers of frail older adults. In particular, the study examined determinants that explain heterogeneous... More

    pp. 87-99

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  4. Distance Learning: A Strategy for Improving Incontinence Care in Nursing Homes

    Anna N. Rahman, John F. Schnelle, Takashi Yamashita, Gail Patry & Ruta Prasauskas

    Purpose: This article describes a distance learning model designed to help nursing homes implement incontinence management best practices. A basic premise is that translating research into practice... More

    pp. 121-132

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