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Educational Technology

2014 Volume 54, Number 5

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Has the Education Paradigm Begun to Shift?

    Clifton B. Chadwick

    The author reviews various elements of what may be considered as evidence that the long-awaited shift in the education paradigm is actually happening. Concepts like student-centered learning,... More

    pp. 3-12

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  2. The Effectiveness of Hybrid Solutions in Higher Education: A Call for Hybrid-Teaching Instructional Design

    Guglielmo Trentin & Stefania Bocconi

    In order to design learning solutions that effectively embed face-to-face and online dimensions, it is crucial to identify the key components underpinning hybrid solutions. Furthermore, once these ... More

    pp. 12-21

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  3. Creativity and a Massive Course: Experience and Observations with Teaching a MOOC

    Brad Hokanson & Marit McCluske

    The most defining characteristic of MOOCs and other massive courses may be their scale. In their popular description, in the pedagogical and technological approach, in course operation, and in... More

    pp. 22-29

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  4. Powerpoint: An Overused Technology Deserving of Criticism, but Indispensable

    Keith B. Hopper & Jonathan B. Waugh

    PowerPoint is roundly reviled and ridiculed, yet this technology enjoys universal popularity. This article reviews the criticisms of PowerPoint and its peer technologies, describes its affordances ... More

    pp. 29-34

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  5. Hong Kong Perspectives on Educational Technology Research and Practice

    J Michael Spector, H K. Yuen, Minhong Wang, Daniel Churchill & Nancy Law

    This is the 25th anniversary of the Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology (HKAECT; see The silver anniversary annual meeting will be held at... More

    pp. 35-41

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  6. The AECT HistoryMakers Project: Conversations with Leaders in Educational Technology

    Barbara B. Lockee, Kibong Song & Wei Li

    The early beginnings and evolution of the field of educational technology (ET) have been documented by various scholars in the field. Recently, another form of historical documentation has been... More

    pp. 42-45

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  7. Educational Technology Research Journals: "Journal of Distance Education," 2003-2012

    Eric H. Young, Ty Griffiths, Brandon Luke & Richard E. West

    In this study the authors analyzed articles published in the "Journal of Distance Education" from 2003-2012. They analyzed the frequency of author-provided keywords and common abstract... More

    pp. 45-49

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  8. Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders: Interview with Bror Saxberg

    Michael F. Shaughnessy

    Bror Saxberg is Chief Learning Officer for Kaplan, Inc., a subsidiary of the Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC) and a leading global provider of educational services, offering post-secondary... More

    pp. 50-53

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