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Educational Technology

1991 Volume 31, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Encyclopedias on CD-ROM: Two Orders of Magnitude More than Any Other Educational Software Has Ever Delivered Before

    Henry Jay Becker

    Describes three encyclopedias available on CD-ROM: (1) Grolier's Electronic Encyclopedia; (2) World Book's Information Finder; and (3) Compton's Multimedia Encyclopedia. Ideas for how they might be... More

    pp. 7-20

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  2. When Researchers Swim Upstream: Reflections on an Unpopular Argument about Learning from Media

    Richard E. Clark

    Reviews issues raised in an earlier article that claimed that instructional media do not influence learning achievement or motivation. Topics discussed include differences between media and... More

    pp. 34-40

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  3. Effects of Small Group Sizes on Learning with Interactive Videodisc

    Susan Cockayne

    Describes study of undergraduates that compared the effects of different small group sizes on learner achievement using computer controlled interactive videodisc. The results of pretests and... More

    pp. 43-45

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  4. Planning, Perspectives, Creativity, and Control

    Roger Kaufman & Harold Stolovitch

    Discusses the planning process as it relates to performance technology. Proactive and reactive planning perspectives are explained, opportunities for creativity are examined, strategic planning is ... More

    pp. 51-54

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