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Educational Technology

February 1982 Volume 22, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. In Search of Mediator and Rhetor: Toward a Strategy for Communicating Verbal Information in Multimedia Instructional Materials

    George R. McMeen

    Suggests the relative importance of the mediating and rhetorical roles of verbal language whch may be associated with nonverbal information in multimedia instructional materials, and looks to an... More

    pp. 9-12

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  2. Using Interactive Computer Programs in Teaching Higher Conceptual Skills: An Approach to Instruction in Writing

    Shavaun M. Wall & Nancy E. Taylor

    Examines common curricular needs in written language instruction, and the advantages of using micorocmputers to teach descriptive writing. An example of an interactive computer-assisted... More

    pp. 13-17

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  3. The Growing Education Crisis in Developing Countries: II. Development Agencies: The Frustrating Search for Educational Improvement

    Arnold M. Gallegos

    The second in a series of three, this article reviews some major educational priorities currently being pursued by development agencies, and examines some of the ambivalent perceptions about agency... More

    pp. 18-25

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  4. Educational Technology Research: Computer Technology and the Education of Emotionally Handicapped Children

    Gary O. Carman & Bernard Kosberg

    Reviews a study designed to determine the effects of providing special education teachers with computer programs to aid them in developing appropriate math education programs for their students.... More

    pp. 26-30

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