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Educational Technology

1975 Volume 15, Number 12

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Number of articles: 12

  1. Criterion-Referenced, Domain-Referenced and Norm-Referenced Measurement: A Parallax View

    Carolyn H. Denham

    pp. 9-12

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  2. Using Videotape Vignettes to Measure Teacher Affective Sensitivity

    Constance H. Kravas

    Article presents and describes the Teacher Affective Sensitivity Scale (TASS) and how it can be used with videotapes for teacher education. (HB) More

    pp. 13-16

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  3. What Is Instructional Systems Development?

    William A. Atkins

    Article suggests an alternate approach to using the textbook as a guide to curriculum, called instructional systems development approach. (HB) More

    pp. 17-20

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  4. Hard Times and Basic Backward Evaluation

    T S. Briley

    A discussion of how subordinates could evaluate supervisors' work performance, and therefore provide a basis for self-improvement staff development programs. (Author/HB) More

    pp. 21-22

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  5. America Standardized Tests: Pseudo-Indicators of Ability?

    Jonathan N. Goodrich

    Author questions the widespread use of standardized tests as measures of academic potential, aptitude and ability. The Graduate Record Exam and the Admission Test for Graduate Study in Business are... More

    pp. 23-34

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  6. Needs Assessment and Cultural Pluralism in Schools

    John D. McNeil & Luis Laosa

    A brief description of cultural pluralism and its implications for schooling, plus some concepts of needs assessment, including a statement of what it should not be, is given. Specific... More

    pp. 25-27

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  7. Behavior Interaction Patterns from Mapping Videotape

    Patricia L. Musick

    Article describes a new type of data display which responds to changes over time and through space. Graphic maps of behavior called SKEMS are capable of portraying the dynamics of behavior--the... More

    pp. 28-30

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  8. Research in Modifying Lecturer Behavior with Continuous Student Feedback

    E Scott Geller

    pp. 31-34

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  9. Budgeting: By the Numbers

    John Greenhalgh

    Author suggests a scheme of school budgeting that reverses the order of assessment--by first establishing the overall limit for school expenditures and secondly assigning funds to various school... More

    pp. 35-38

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  10. Development of a Portable, Anonymous Classroom Feedback System with Data Recording Capability

    John P. Dworetzky

    pp. 39-40

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  11. How Students Use Behavioral Objectives

    Nelson J. Towle & Paul F. Merrill

    A report on the results of an informal assessment of students' perceptions of how they actually used behavioral objectives in a graduate level course. (Author) More

    pp. 41-42

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  12. Industry as Educator

    Jerry L. Vaughan

    A look at how learning will change in the future for industrial training courses. (HB) More

    pp. 42-43

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