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2013 Volume 77, Number 4

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  1. Global Citizenship Instruction through Active Participation: What Is Being Learned about Global Citizenship?

    Rhonda Leduc

    If the definitions of global citizenship are varied and contestable, how do teachers conceptualize and make meaning of global citizenship when required to teach global citizenship in the classroom?... More

    pp. 394-406

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  2. Digital Democracy and Global Citizenship Education: Mutually Compatible or Mutually Complicit?

    Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti & Karen Pashby

    This article uses a critique of modernity to examine the perceived relationship between global citizenship education (GCE) and digital democracy (DD). We review critiques of citizenship education... More

    pp. 422-437

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  3. Fostering Global Citizenship Education for Teachers through Online Research

    Jason R. Harshman & Tami A. Augustine

    This article is based on a study involving 126 International Baccalaureate (IB) teachers in more than 30 countries who, through the use of asynchronous online discussion forums, shared how they... More

    pp. 450-463

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  4. Joining the Conversation: Twitter as a Tool for Student Political Engagement

    Wayne Journell, Cheryl A. Ayers & Melissa Walker Beeson

    This article describes possibilities afforded by using social media, specifically Twitter, as a way to encourage students to join political conversations across the United States and around the... More

    pp. 466-480

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  5. Making Meaning in a Standards-Based World: Negotiating Tensions in Global Education

    Jennifer D. Klein

    In a largely standards-driven educational climate, educators are challenged to navigate the tensions between standards-based, scholarly pursuits and the more experiential, student-driven techniques... More

    pp. 481-490

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