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Comparative Education Review

February 2011 Volume 55, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 2

  1. Challenges of Adopting the Use of Technology in Less Developed Countries: The Case of Cambodia

    Jayson W. Richardson

    Drawing on Everett Rogers's theory of the diffusion of innovations, this article identifies the barriers, challenges, and successes in the adoption of technology training by teacher trainers in... More

    pp. 8-29

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  2. Religion, Education, and Secularism in International Agencies

    Amy Stambach, Katherine Marshall, Matthew J. Nelson, Liviu Andreescu, Aikande C. Kwayu, Philip Wexler, Yotam Hotam, Shlomo Fischer & Hassan El Bilawi

    During the interwar years of the early twentieth century, and through at least the 1980s, education was seen by scholars, state leaders, and international agency representatives alike as a way to... More

    pp. 111-142

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