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Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association

1995 Volume 30, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 2

  1. Using ZWDOS to Communicate in Chinese on PC

    Tianwei Xie

    Describes the availability, installation, and use of the ZhonWen Disk Operating System (ZWDOS) to display, print, and transmit Chinese characters on conventional International Business Machines ... More

    pp. 35-51

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  2. A Computer-Adaptive Test for Reading Chinese (CATRC): A Preliminary Report

    Tao-chung Yao

    Discusses the development and use of a computer-adaptive test (CAT) for learners of Chinese. Each time the examinee answers a question, the CAT program registers the answer and, based on the... More

    pp. 75-85

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