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Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning

2009 Volume 41, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. What the Science of Cognition Tells Us about Instructional Technology

    Michelle D. Miller

    Research by cognitive psychologist Harry Bahrick and colleagues suggests that people typically forget course material at an exponential rate, with this rapid forgetting continuing for a period of... More

    pp. 16-17

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  2. The Real and the Fake Degree and Diploma Mills

    Alan Contreras & George Gollin

    The recent release of a list of over 9,000 people who bought degrees from St. Regis "University" has helped bring into focus a problem that legitimate institutions like to ignore: An enormous... More

    pp. 36-43

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  3. Promoting Grassroots Change in Higher Education: The Promise of Virtual Networks

    Adrianna Kezar & Jaime Lester

    This article starts by presenting five scenarios, each represents a significant type of grassroots change that is occurring at colleges and universities across the country. Those who are... More

    pp. 44-51

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