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The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Sep 18, 2006 Volume 7, Number 2


Rory McGreal; Dianne Conrad

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. A Multi-Island Situation Without the Ocean: Tutors' perceptions about working in isolation from colleagues

    Ilse Fouche, University of South Africa (Unisa)

    Distance education is generally seen as a very isolating experience for students, but one often forgets that it can be an equally isolating experience for teaching staff, who sometimes must work in... More

  2. Identification, Motivation and Job Satisfaction among Tutors at the Open University of Israel

    Ruth Beyth-Marom, Gal Harpaz-Gorodeisky, Avaid Bar-Haim & Eti Goder, The Open University of Israel

    Tutors in the OUI- The Open University of Israel (a distance learning institution) are often the only academic staff who have direct contact with students. Therefore, their performance is crucial... More

  3. Issues, Challenges and Possibilities for Academics and Tutors at Open and Distance Learning Environments

    Heather Kanuka, Athabasca University, Canada Research Chair, E-Learning

  4. Adaptation for a Changing Environment: Developing learning and teaching with information and communication technologies

    Adrian Kirkwood & Linda Price, Open University UK

    This article examines the relationship between the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and learning and teaching, particularly in distance education contexts. We argue that... More

  5. Distance Learning Program for Teachers at The Kigali Institute of Education: An expository study

    Dariya Mukamusoni, Kigali Health Institute

    In 2001, a program of distance learning was started within Kigali Institute of Education in collaboration with the Rwanda's Ministry of Education. It is an in-service training program that aims to ... More

  6. "It's a unique role!" Perspectives on tutor attributes and expertise in distance language teaching

    Monica Shelley, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom; Cynthia White, Massey University; Uwe Baumann & Linda Murphy, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom

    This article outlines the background to, and progress on, a project based on work carried out at the Open University UK (OUUK). The aim of the project is to articulate the attributes and expertise ... More

  7. Academics Telecommuting in Open and Distance Education Universities: Issues, challenges and opportunities

    Cheuk Ng, Athabasca University

    Research in distance and online education has focused on how to improve students: learning and support services. Faculty satisfaction, as one of the five pillars in Sloan-Consortium's quality... More

  8. Faculty Development as Community Building - An approach to professional development that supports Communities of Practice for Online Teaching

    B Eib & Pam Miller, University of Calgary

    When faculty development is viewed as an ongoing need and when we approach faculty development as a long-term, continuous effort, community building becomes a part of the process. Carefully... More

  9. Identification, Job Satisfaction and Work Motivation among Tutors at the Open University of Israel

    Ruth Beyth-Marom, Gal Harpaz-Gorodeisky, Aviad Bar-Haim & Eti Godder

    Tutors working for The Open University of Israel (OUI), a distance learning institution, are often the only academic staff who have direct contact with students. Their performance is therefore... More

    pp. 1-13

  10. Portable Applications in Mobile Education. Technical Evaluation Report 57

    Jon Baggaley

    Portable software applications can be carried on a convenient storage medium such as a USB drive, and offer numerous benefits to mobile teachers and learner. The article illustrates the growing... More

    pp. 1-4