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The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Apr 01, 2004 Volume 5, Number 1


Rory McGreal; Dianne Conrad

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 14

  1. Interim Report: A Case Study of Internet-Based Distance Education Program Development in Vietnam

    Ramona Materi & Patrick Fahy

  2. Vendor-Assisted Evaluation of a Learning Management System

    Patricia Fahrni, Jim Rudolph & Adrienne De Schutter

  3. Broadband: A Solution for Rural e-Learning?

    Robin Mason & Frank Rennie

    Rural and remote learners are disadvantaged even with online provision due to poor connections. Broadband offers a potential solution. This paper looks at the initial results of a project to... More

  4. Reflections on Teaching and Learning in an Online Master Program: A Case Study

    Dianne Conrad

  5. Educational Wikis: features and selection criteria

    Linda Schwartz, Sharon Clark, Mary Cossarin & Jim Rudolph

  6. Open-Distance Education as a Mechanism for Sustainable Development: Reflections on the Nigerian Experience

    Rashid Aderinoye & Kester Ojokheta

    This article examines open-distance learning in Nigeria and the role it plays in personal, community, and national development. Following consultation with existing literature, a qualitative survey... More

  7. The future of learning: From eLearning to mLearning

    Murugan Krishnapillai

  8. Best Practices in Online Conference Moderation

    Adrienne De Schutter, Patricia Fahrni & Jim Rudolph

  9. Low Cost Distance Education Strategies: the use of appropriate information and communication technologies

    Thomas Hülsmann

  10. Reusing Online Resources: A sustainable approach to e-learning

    Sanjaya Mishra

  11. Integrated Learning Management Systems

    Sharon Clark, Mary Cossarin, Harry Doxsee & Linda Schwartz

  12. Tutoring Large Numbers: An Unmet Challenge

    Helen Lentell & Jennifer O'Rourke

    Open and distance learning (ODL) is increasingly being regarded as a viable policy option for developing countries with limited educational resources for buildings, books and trained teachers,... More

  13. Speak2Me: Using Synchronous Audio for ESL Teaching in Taiwan

    Deborah LaPointe, Katherine Greysen & Kerrin Barrett

  14. Distance Learning for Teacher Training in Brazil

    Alvana Bof

    Proformação is a distance teacher certification course aimed at providing training to 27,000 uncertified teachers in 15 Brazilian states. This innovative program organizes human and technical... More