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International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences

Aug 17, 2014 Volume 37, Number

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Risky Sexual Behavior of Modern Teenager’s Current Challenges

    Darina Koskina, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

    This article deals with some ways of conceptualizing and prevention of adolescent risky behavior. Specific ways for preventing and managing risky sexual behavior are discussed. Anonymous interviews... More

    pp. 1-4

  2. <i>Coriolanus</i>: Celebrating a Bakhtinian Anarchic Body of Roman Republic

    Roohollah Datli Beigi & Pyeaam Abbasi, University of Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    The last tragedy of Shakespeare, Coriolanus (1608), is one of the most ignored and controversial Shakespearian plays towards which there has always been a sort of dislike. Despite the fact that the... More

    pp. 5-17

  3. Pragmatical Rules for Success in Persuasion

    Daniela Gîfu, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, Romania; Mirela Teodorescu, University of Craiova, Romania; Dan Ionescu, Nicolae Titulescu High School, Romania

    The study reveals how to be successful, how to make friends, how to become influential, which are desires, goals for most of us. There is no manual, no theory, only rules, principles which work... More

    pp. 18-28

  4. Involvement Load Hypothesis: Word Meaning Retention across Oral and Written Task Types

    Javad Ahmadi Fatalaki, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Involvement Load Hypothesis for the first time has been proposed by Laufer and Hulstijn (2001). Based on their theory, second language vocabulary learning, consists of three basic components: need,... More

    pp. 29-45

  5. Presenting a Conceptual Model to Explain the Role of Strategic Management and Planning in Islamic Banking Competitiveness

    Seyed Reza Seyed-Javadin, Reza Raei, Mohammad Javad Iravani & Mohammad Safari, University of Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Financial system is the heart of any economy. To superior performance in the national and local level it is essential to have an efficient and convenient banking system. What this study aimed to... More

    pp. 46-56

  6. The Comparison of Attribution Styles and Emotional Intelligence among the Successful and Unsuccessful Female High School Students in Ahvaz, Controlling for the Intelligence

    Banafsheh Hasanvand & Afsaneh Rezai Nasab, Payame Noor University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Mahnaz Rezai Nasab, Tarbiat Moalem University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    The objective of the present study was comparing attribution styles and emotional intelligence of the successful and unsuccessful female high school students in Ahvaz, controlling for the... More

    pp. 57-70

  7. Musharka Financing for Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan

    Nadeem Iqbal, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pakistan; Najeeb Haider, Ghazi University, Pakistan; Muhammad Ramzan Akhtar, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Pakistan; Sumia Hafiz Abdul Karim, Indus International Institute, Pakistan

    Unemployment, with other factors, leads to poverty. Poverty is an important characteristics of the developing countries including Islamic countries. Poverty causes human degradation in all aspects ... More

    pp. 71-81

  8. Optimal Hedge Ratio for Brent Oil Market; Baysian Approach

    Mohsen Mehrara & Monire Hamldar, University of Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    This paper examines the optimal hedging ratio (OHR) for the Brent Crude Oil Futures using daily data over the period 1990/17/8-2014/11/3. To gain OHR, it is employed a Vector Autoregressive (VAR)... More

    pp. 82-87

  9. Iranian EFL Learners' Self-Concepts and Beliefs as Language Learners

    Mohammad Ali Heidari-Shahreza, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    The present study expolred English as a foreign language (EFL) learners' self-concepts and beliefs as language learners. Through a mixed-methods research design and using descriptive statistics,... More

    pp. 88-96

  10. Speech Act Disagreement among Young Men in Iran

    Afroozeh Heidari, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Abbas Eslami Rasekh & Shahla Simin, University of Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Speech act of disagreement is one of the least attended among all the other types of speech act. The present study seeks to find out the ways in which this inherently threatening act is expressed... More

    pp. 97-109