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International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences

May 18, 2014 Volume 28, Number

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Number of articles: 11

  1. Globalization and Modernity

    Jason L. Powell, Coventry University, United Kingdom

    As we move into the global century, several aspects of social and economic life are changing and post-industrial shifts are unparalleled by virtue of the interconnectedness that brings together the... More

    pp. 1-60

  2. Design of a Stable System by Lean Manufacturing

    Daniela Gîfu, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, Romania; Mirela Teodorescu, University of Craiova, Romania; Dan Ionescu, Nicolae Titulescu High School, Romania

    Markets are organized so that buyers and sellers have a choice of participating in production-to-stock or production-to-order auctions. A production-to-stock (PTS) institution requires the seller... More

    pp. 61-69

  3. Ontological Foregrounding in Luigi Pirandello’s<i> Six Characters in Search of an Author</i>

    Masoud Madahian & Hossein Pirnajmuddin, University of Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Pirandello's twentieth-century play is so form-conscious and experimental in technique that it can be characterized as postmodernist. As the dominant of postmodernist literature, ontology has... More

    pp. 70-79

  4. Paradigm of Propaganda

    Alexandra Iorgulescu, University of Craiova, Romania

    In this analysis of the paradigm of propaganda, we have dealt with only a few of the most relevant characteristics of what we consider to be a “historical experience”, a fact the evolution of which... More

    pp. 80-84

  5. A Study on the International Theme, as a Prominent Subject in the Works of Henry James

    Davood Mohammadi Moghadam, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia; Wan Roselezam Wan Yahya, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

    Among the subjects and themes which are found in the works of 19th American great novelist Henry James, the international theme of America versus Europe is the most recurrent one.... More

    pp. 85-94

  6. Contemporary Challenges in Social Work

    Agnieszka Katarzyna Gębora, Higher School of Wholesome Education and Social Sciences, Poland

    The welfare is an area of social policy which is aimed at supporting persons and families aiming at satisfying the needs, as well as enabling persons and families living in conditions suiting the... More

    pp. 95-101

  7. Socio-Environmental Survey of Two Ecologically Important Hamlets of North Bengal, India

    Sayan Bhattacharya, Rabindra Bharati University, India; Arkajyoti Shome, Asutosh College, India; Subrato Sarkar, Rabindra Bharati University, India; Debayan Purkait, Asutosh College, India; Uday Chand Ghosh, Presidency University, India

    Lava is a small hamlet situated 34 km. east of the Kalimpong subdivision in Darjeeling district of the state of West Bengal, India. Rishyap/Rishop, which nestles amidst the hidden hills of Neora... More

    pp. 102-118

  8. Communication Process in a Lean Concept

    Daniela Gîfu, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, Romania; Mirela Teodorescu, University of Craiova, Romania

    Communication is a process we do for most of the day in our personal and professional lives; yet most of us work on it less than our other skills. We’re taught about proper communication all... More

    pp. 119-127

  9. Participation and Performance of Women Candidates in the General Elections of India: An Analytical Study (1951-2009)

    Ramesh Pandita, BGSB University, India

    Participation of women in the electoral process of India as contestants has been very abysmal since the inception of the electoral process of the country. Present study has been conceived in view... More

    pp. 128-149

  10. Revision of the American Frontier in Doctorow's; <i>Welcome to Hard Times</i>

    Zohreh Ramin, University of Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    The present paper seeks to demonstrate how Doctorow revises the history of America in his Welcome to Hard Times. The novel is written in the tradition of a parody which is the most... More

    pp. 150-160

  11. Travels in Aspects of their Functions and Pedagogical Values

    Agnieszka Katarzyna Gębora, Higher School of Wholesome Education and Social Sciences, Poland

    Travels influence on comprehensive human development, they are source of knowledge, create possibility of satisfaction of one basic need which is the need of cognition. Tourism education gives... More

    pp. 161-174