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International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments

July 2012 Volume 3, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Utilizing Innovative Video Chat Technology to Meet National Standards: A Case Study on a STARTALK Hindi Language Program

    Shaheen Parveen, University of Pennsylvania, United States; Cayley Pater, Central European University, United States

    Responding to the need for foreign language fluency in ever-globalizing business and cultural spheres, the federal government and foreign language institutions in an eleven-member task force... More

    pp. 1-20

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  2. Designing a Virtual Social Space for Language Acquisition

    Maria Woolson, Middlebury College, United States

    Middleverse de Español (MdE) is an evolving platform for foreign language (FL) study, aligned to the goals of ACTFL’s National Standards and 2007 MLA report. The project simulates an immersive... More

    pp. 21-42

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  3. Email Tandem Exchanges as a Tool for Authentic Cultural Learning

    Reyes Llopis-García, Columbia University, United States

    This paper presents the description of an email Tandem exchange project conducted between 94 intermediate-level students (47 pairs) from Columbia University/Barnard College in New York and... More

    pp. 43-59

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  4. Identities, Borders, Change: A Case Study of (Trans) Cultural Learning in Mediated Learning Communities

    Sébastien Dubreil, University of Tennessee – Knoxville, United States

    The purpose of this case study was to examine one learner’s (Keira) personal trajectory in an online, transnational telecollaborative learning environment, focusing on how she negotiated (1) her... More

    pp. 60-80

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  5. Building a Model for Online Distance Courses Through Social Media and Networks

    Ed Dixon, University of Pennsylvania, United States

    This article describes the affordances of social media and networks for online Elementary German courses that have been taught at the University of Pennsylvania since 2010. These online courses... More

    pp. 81-94

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