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International Journal of Technology in Education and Science

Feb 04, 2019 Volume 3, Number 2


Valarie Akerson

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Why STEM? Factors that Influence Gifted Students’ Choice of College Majors

    Phu Vu, Dena Harshbarger, Sherry Crow & Shelby Henderson

    The purpose of this study was to examine talented/gifted students’ choices of college majors and what factors most likely affected their decision. By utilizing a data collecting technique called... More

    pp. 63-71

  2. Software Development Estimation Techniques in Industrial Contexts: An Exploratory Multiple Case-Study

    Ahmed Zarour & Samer Zein

    Software Effort Estimation is one of the most challenging aspects in the software development life cycle. Recent empirical studies in the area of software development estimation indicate the... More

    pp. 72-84

  3. Students as Future Workers: Cross-border Multidisciplinary Learning Labs in Higher Education

    Wilfried Admiraal, Lysanne Post, Pengyue Guo, Nadira Saab, Sari Makinen, Ohto Rainio, Johanna Vuori, Jacky Bourgeois, Gerd Kortuem & Gerard Danford

    One promising way to cope with changing requirements from the labor market in the domain of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), but also to keep the field up to date, to start ... More

    pp. 85-94

  4. Technology Education in Finland, Slovenia, Estonia and Iceland: The Structure of Students’ Attitudes towards Technology

    Ossi Autio, Janez Jamsek, Mart Soobik & Brynjar Olafsson

    The research is based on a comparative study of craft and technology education curriculums and students’ attitudes towards craft and technology in Finland, Slovenia, Estonia and Iceland. The study ... More

    pp. 95-106