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Innovate: Journal of Online Education

February 2007 Volume 3, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Places to Go: OpenCourseWare Consortium

    Stephen Downes

    In his Places to Go column, Stephen Downes visits the OpenCourseWare Consortium, a Web site that consolidates access to multiple university-based open courseware initiatives and materials. Downes... More

  2. Teaching One Way and Testing Another: An Interview with Scott Howell

    James L. Morrison & Scott Howell

    Editor-in-Chief James L. Morrison interviews Scott Howell, the co-editor of a three-volume book series entitled "Online Assessment and Measurement" that was published in 2006 by IDEA Group. In... More

  3. Synchronous Chat and Electronic Ink for Distance Support in Mathematics

    Birgit Loch & Christine McDonald

    For online mathematics instructors, synchronous communication can be a challenge due to the need for specialized symbols, graphics, or notations to explain key concepts. While software tools exist ... More

  4. The Power of "E": Using e-Portfolios to Build Online Presentation Skills

    Cara Lane

    Describing the results of an e-portfolio contest and attendant research conducted at the University of Washington (UW), Cara Lane discusses student attitudes toward e-portfolios and argues for the ... More

  5. e-Portfolios in Music Teacher Education

    Vicki Lind

    In this article Vicki Lind reports the findings of a case study investigation of the use of electronic portfolios in a music education program. The project focused specifically on the use of... More

  6. Online Synchronous Language Learning: SLMS over the Internet

    Yuping Wang & Nian-Shing Chen

    Noting that distance learning environments often pose serious obstacles to second language instruction, Yuping Wang and Nian-Shing Chen propose that synchronous learning management systems (SLMS)... More

  7. Ten Core Principles for Designing Effective Learning Environments: Insights from Brain Research and Pedagogical Theory

    Judith V. Boettcher

    In this article, Judith V. Boettcher provides ten core learning principles that can guide technology-enhanced teaching as well as more traditional forms of instruction. Drawn from both traditional ... More