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International Journal of Education and Development using ICT

Dec 30, 2017 Volume 13, Number 3


Stewart Marshall; Wal Taylor

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. Investigating the lecturers’ challenges to embrace Collaborative Web Technologies in Higher Education Institutions

    John Pima, Coventry University; Jacqueline Mtui, Institute of Accountancy Arusha

    The purpose of this paper was to investigate the challenges facing the lecturers in embracing Collaborative Web Technologies in Higher Education Institutions of the developing countries. The study ... More

  2. Information and communications technology use as a catalyst for the professional development: Perceptions of tertiary level faculty

    Antoine Melki, Maureen Nicolas, Megan Khairallah & Omar Adra, University of Balamand, Lebanon

    This study highlights the impact technology can have on the teaching learning environment to the point of influencing and altering the educational ecosystem. A 5-point Likert scale was designed to ... More

  3. Attitudes towards instructional games on Peace Education among second year students in junior secondary schools in South-west Nigeria

    Ayoade Okanlawon, Jubril Fakokunde, Florence Yusuf, Mutahir Abanikannda & Anthonia Oyelade, Osun State University, Nigeria

    The popularity of games and it availability through both ICT and non ICT tools require the investigation of students attitude towards the use in instructional delivery. The study therefore examined... More

  4. Examining the antecedents of ICT adoption in education using an Extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)

    Viraiyan Teeroovengadum, Nabeel Heeraman & Bhavish Jugurnath, University of Mauritius

    This study assesses the determinants of ICT adoption by educators in the teaching and learning process in the context of a developing country, Mauritius. A hierarchical regression analysis is used,... More

  5. Digital inclusion of secondary schools’ subject teachers in Bolivia

    Iskra Popova, Stockholm University, Sweden; Gabriela Fabre, La Paz Foundation, Bolivia

    The government of Bolivia planned to introduce information technology in secondary education through establishing computer labs in schools and through granting each subject teacher a laptop. This... More

  6. Implementing large-scale instructional technology in Kenya: Changing instructional practice and developing accountability in a National Education System

    Benjamin Piper, Arbogast Oyanga, Jessica Mejia & Sarah Pouezevara, RTI International, Kenya

    Previous large-scale education technology interventions have shown only modest results. Building on results from an earlier randomized controlled trial of three different applications of... More

  7. Digital gender divides and e-empowerment in the UAE: A critical perspective

    Mohamed Ben Moussa, University of Sharjah, UAE; Joanna Seraphim, Canadian University Dubai, UAE

    Despite enjoying phenomenal economic successes in the last years, the UAE continues to occupy a low rank in women’s economic participation and opportunity. Against this backdrop, the phenomenal... More

  8. Informal tools in formal context: Adoption of web 2.0 technologies among geography student teachers in Ghana

    Stephen Adu Gyamfi, Catholic University College of Ghana

    Despite the popularity of Web 2.0 technologies and their educational benefits in the 21st century classroom environment, their use for teaching and learning purposes is still very limited. This... More

  9. AIDS: An ICT model for integrating teaching, learning and research in Technical University Education in Ghana

    Nana Asabere, Gilbert Togo, Amevi Acakpovi, Wisdom Torgby & Kwame Ampadu, Accra Technical University, Ghana

    Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has changed the way we communicate and carry out certain daily activities. Globally, ICT has become an essential means for disseminating information... More

  10. An integrated model for measuring the impacts of e-learning on students’ achievement in developing countries

    Simeo Kisanjara & Titus Tossy, Mzumbe University, Tanzania; Alfred Sife, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania; Simon Msanjila, Ministry of Minerals, Tanzania

    Information and Communication Technologies have influenced the landscape of education sector by changing the way various education activities are being conducted. From the perspectives of Tanzania,... More