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International Journal of Designs for Learning

Jun 18, 2013 Volume 4, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. A Place to Play: Teaching Communities How To Build Playgrounds

    Jonathan Racek & Kennon Smith

    This case study focuses on the development of a train-the-trainer program which blends online resources and face-to-face instruction to assist people in leading communities which want to design and... More

  2. The Digital Story: Designing Professional Development in Technology Integration for Teachers

    Berta Capo

    A series of three professional development lessons were produced to teach high school teachers how to create their own content specific digital stories for use in their classroom instruction. A... More

  3. Designing a PBL Environment Using the 3C3R Method

    Andrew Tawfik, Rebecca Trueman & Mathew Lorz

    With the growing emphasis being placed upon situated learning theory, designs increasingly implement problem-based learning (PBL) in various educational contexts. However, some of the difficulties ... More

  4. Iterating Alone over a Method and Tool to Facilitate Equitable Assessment of Group Work

    Micah Modell

    As an instructor employing group projects, my students and I have been frustrated by my inability to allocate credit for individuals’ contributions to a group’s projects. This design case details... More

  5. ACH Double Pull Issues: Designing with Client Constraints

    Suzanne Fortner

    The Customer Service Center of a large Midwestern insurance company requested training to research and prevent double payments from being deducted from their customers’ bank accounts. This issue... More