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International Journal of Active Learning

Mar 30, 2017 Volume 2, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Effectiveness of Social Science Learning Based on Noble Values of Ki Hajar Dewantaras Teaching to Strengthen the Students Character

    Warsito Warsito & Asrowi Asrowi

    The objectives of this research are: 1) to describe the reasons why social science learning based on the noble values of Ki Hajar Dewantaras teaching is effective to strengthen the students... More

    pp. 1-14

  2. Readiness for Blended Learning viewed from the Students Attitude towards Learning Aspects

    Hanita Yulia

    Blended Learning combines the advantages of online learning and conventional classroom. However, merely combining online learning and conventional classroom might not fulfill students need, and... More

    pp. 15-26

  3. Using of Experiential Learning Model Based on Multimedia to Increase the Ability of Literation Writing Indonesian Poem in Elementary School

    Isah Cahyani, Andoyo Sastromiharjo & Daris D.

    The education system in a country must be able to equip its young generation with sophisticated literacy skills, if they do not want to see individuals and their communities in poverty or poverty (... More

    pp. 27-38

  4. Diction in Poetry Anthology Surat Kopi by Joko Pinurbo as A Poetry Writing Teaching Material

    Kun Anindita, Soediro Satoto & Sumarlam Sumarlam

    This research shows the diction of Joko Pinurbo in ten letter-themed poetries in poetry anthology of Surat Kopi using a stylistic approach. The poetries included Surat Cukur, Surat Kopi, Surat Kau,... More

    pp. 39-49

  5. Application of Project Based Learning (PBL) Model for Materials of Salt Hydrolysis to Encourage Students' Entrepreneurship Behaviour

    Carnawi Carnawi, Sudarmin Sudarmin & Nanik Wijayati

    This research aims to understand the influence of the application of PjBL model etnosains charged to the students entrepreneurial attitudes and learning outcomes to the matterial Hydrolysis Salt... More

    pp. 50-58