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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

Dec 14, 2015 Volume 10, Number 8

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Number of articles: 14

  1. A Fuzzy Least Squares Support Tensor Machines in Machine Learning

    Ruiting Zhang & Zhijian Zhou

    In the machine learning field, high-dimensional data are often encountered in the real applications. Most of the traditional learning algorithms are based on the vector space model, such as SVM.... More

    pp. 4-10

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  2. The application of Coarse-Grained Parallel Genetic Algorithm with Hadoop in University Intelligent Course-Timetabling System

    Liping Wu

    The university course-timetabling problem is a NP-C problem. The traditional method of arranging course is inefficient, causes a high conflict rate of teacher resource or classroom resource, and is... More

    pp. 11-15

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  3. Application of the Cosine Gray Model Based on System Cloud in the Forecast of Higher Education Scale

    Chao Ge & Cun Li

    The scale of higher education is an essential link in the process of the formulation of education planning and reasonable allocation of teaching resources. At the same time, it also provides the... More

    pp. 16-20

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  4. A New Multiple Criteria Decision Making Method and its Application in Cloud Computing for Education

    Heng Sun

    Cloud computing can extend the traditional education framework. In education, cloud can provide students and teachers with tools to deploy computing resources on-demand for lectures and labs... More

    pp. 21-24

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  5. Occupational Ability Oriented Graduate Education in Software Engineering

    Qing Hong, Wen Lu, Pengfei Feng, Haijun Wei & Zhichao Cheng

    The background of this paper is the education reformation of Chinese software engineering. Using graduate education of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA) as an example, we... More

    pp. 25-29

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  6. Application of Grey Forecasting Model Based on Improved Residual Correction in the Cost Estimation of University Education

    Chao Ge & Jiaqi Xie

    The forecast of the cost of education in university is conducive to strengthening the management of the cost of education, mining the potential of reducing the cost, improving the management level ... More

    pp. 30-33

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  7. Assessment of E-learning System in Higher Education Based on Hesitant Fuzzy Information with Incomplete Attribute Weights

    Hong Ye

    With the development of information technology, colleges and universities around the world are constructing E-learning system to meet their students' and faculty's needs. E-learning can effectively... More

    pp. 34-37

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  8. A Multi-task Combinatorial Optimization Model Based on Genetic Algorithm and its Application in College Education Curriculum Planning

    Jianying Li, Zhe Zhou & Liying Wang

    Multi-task combinatorial optimization of a complex system is an important aspect of multi-task planning. To address the existing defects and limitations of the existing multi-task combinatorial... More

    pp. 38-41

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  9. The Application of Grey-TOPSIS Method on Teaching Quality Evaluation of the Higher Education

    Jing Song & Junhui Zheng

    The teaching quality of the higher school is not only related to the development of the students, but also related to the future of our country. It can find out the problems of the higher education... More

    pp. 42-45

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  10. Research on the Performance Evaluation Model of Higher Education Teachers Based on the Improved Grey Clustering Analysis Method

    Wenlu Li & Yinghui Wang

    Effective performance evaluation of university teachers is supposed to guide teaching behaviors and teaching modes as well as improve teaching quality of higher education. In response to the... More

    pp. 46-50

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  11. Research on the Ranking of University Education based on Grey-TOPSIS-DEA Method

    Jianfen Liu & Shengpu Li, Collage of Computer Science and Technology, Pingdingshan University

    The University is the cradle of the higher education. In the college life, the college students continue to accept the new knowledge and continue to grow. Obviously, the level of the university... More

    pp. 51-54

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  12. Cloud Computing and Its Application in Big Data Processing of Distance Higher Education

    Guolei Zhang, College of information science & technology, Agricultural University of Hebei; Jia Li, Department of modern Science & Technology, Agricultural University of Hebei; Li Hao, Personnel Division, Agricultural University of Hebei

    In the development of information technology the development of scientific theory has brought the progress of science and technology. The progress of science and technology has an impact on the... More

    pp. 55-58

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  13. Research on the Evaluation Index System and the Grey Clustering Analysis Model of Teaching Quality of Physical Education in Higher Education

    Baoquan Wu, Henan Vocational and Technical College of Communications

    Teaching quality evaluation of physical education usually involves multiple influence factors with grey and uncertain information. This brings about limitations to effective evaluation of teaching ... More

    pp. 59-62

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  14. College Counselors’ Performance Measure System and Fuzzy Measure Analysis Model

    Xin Xia, Department of modern Science & Technology, Agricultural University of Hebei; Guolei Zhang, College of information science & technology, Agricultural University of Hebei

    We evaluate the performance of college counselors so as to find ways to promote competence of college counselors as well as teaching quality and core competence of the colleges. The issue of... More

    pp. 63-68

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