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Global Learn 2012: Global Conference on Learning and Technology

Nov 06, 2012

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 46

  1. Virtual Tutor: Designing a Teaching Model for a Programmed Guide

    Juha Keinanen, Aalto University, Finland; Mika Laakkonen, University of Lapland, Finland

    Abstract: This paper is a study of teaching procedures that would be adequate for a character-driven learning application: more precisely, teaching principles suitable for an interactive electronic... More

    pp. 224-228

  2. How To: Make the Most of Virtual Learning

    Eric Vidal, InterCall, United States

    Virtual learning environments are the cutting edge way to connect individuals across the hall and around the world to the best education resources your organization has to offer. Three key aspects ... More

    p. 229

  3. Progress Result In The Development Of Open Online Learning System

    Munkhchimeg Baatar & Tamir Khujuu, Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Mongolia

    Today online learning systems such as VLE, Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle and Fronter are widely used in the world. Most learning management systems offer limited number of teaching methods to trainers.... More

    pp. 230-237

  4. eDI: Differentiating Instruction Online

    Silvia Braidic, California University of Pennsylvania, United States

    Technology is changing the face of the differentiated instruction concept. Whether teaching completely online or through a blended approach, differentiation is essential in addressing the diverse... More

    p. 238

  5. Changing Speed and Pitch of Synthesized Voices: Perceived Effects on Attributes and Retention

    Jamie Carlson, CS Dept, The Charter School of Wilmington, United States; Kellie Carlson, Martin Kurian, Naman Agrawal, Andrew Xiang & David Brown, CS Dept., The Charter School of Wilmington, United States

    Abstract: Computer-synthesized voices can help students learn information via recorded lectures or study aids. This experiment seeks to determine how differences in speed and pitch among... More

    pp. 239-244

  6. Online Persistence and Motivation

    Bill Cavill, Jr. & Lacey Finley, University of Nebraska Lincoln, United States

    Persistence has been an educational dilemma for as long as teachers and students have been around. It is an issue that has plagued educators in traditional face-to-face classes and is still present... More

    pp. 245-250