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Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology / La revue canadienne de l’apprentissage et de la technologie

Jun 15, 2002 Volume 28, Number 2


Heather Kanuka; Liam Rourke

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Describing and Enhancing Collaboration at the Computer

    Ken Beatty & Ken Beatty

    Computer-based learning materials differ from classroom practice in that they seldom explicitly offer opportunities for collaboration. Despite this, students do collaborate, helping one another... More

  2. Effects of Learners' Readiness on Their Perceived Learning Outcomes

    John Boeglin, Katy Campbell & Katy Campbell

    This paper provides some insight into students' performance and perceptions within the context of an introductory psychology course in which Web-based materials and activities were used to enhance ... More

  3. Working Together: The Context of Teams in an Online MBA Program

    Martha Gabriel, Colla MacDonald & Colla MacDonald

    The purpose of this study was to explore learning in an online MBA program and the structures necessary to support and enhance that learning from the perspective of the learners. This qualitative... More

  4. DV or Not DV: That is the Question When Producing Video for the Internet

    Gregory Gutenko & Gregory Gutenko

    Pervasive advertising and marketing efforts promote consumer market digital video (DV) format camcorders as the ideal acquisition technology for Internet video production. A shared digital nature... More

  5. The Interplay of Content and Community in Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication: Virtual Communication in a Graduate Seminar

    Richard Schwier, Shelly Balbar & Shelly Balbar

    A group of graduate students and an instructor at the University of Saskatchewan experimented with the use of synchronous communication (chat) and asynchronous communication (bulletin board) in a... More

  6. Book Reviews / Revue de Livres

    Lorraine Chiarell, Oriel Kelly & Oriel Kelly

  7. Research Reports / Rapports de recherche

    Heather Kanuka & Heather Kanuka