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Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

2001 Volume 1, Number 4


Glen L. Bull; Lynn Bell; Chrystalla Mouza

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Internet Tools for Facilitating Inquiry

    Richard Huber, University of North Carolina Wilmington, United States; Christopher J. Moore, St. Mary Middle School, United States

    Although the science education community values inquiry-based science instruction, the goal remains illusive. In the absence of significant changes designed to provide teachers with better support ... More

    pp. 451-464

  2. Amazon, eBooks, and Teaching Texts: Getting to the "Knowing How" of Reading Literature

    Barbara G. Pace, University of Florida, United States

    A poster on my office wall shows a child holding a flashlight under the covers as he reads in bed. Many literacy education students respond to the poster by claiming, 'I used to do that.' Their... More

    pp. 472-479

  3. Making a Place for Technology in Teacher Education with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    Marsha Alibrandi, North Carolina State University, United States; Jean Palmer-Moloney, SUNY Oneonta, United States

    In North Carolina in the Spring 2000 semester, an experimental 'Geographic Information System (GIS) in Education' course for pre and inservice teachers was introduced at North Carolina State... More

    pp. 483-500

  4. Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology: Perspectives of the Leaders of Twelve National Education Associations

    Lynn Bell, University of Virginia, United States

    The U.S. Department of Education has concluded that preparing technology-proficient educators to meet the needs of 21st-century learning is a critical educational challenge facing the nation. More ... More

    pp. 517-534

  5. Repackaging for the 21st Century: Teaching Copyright and Computer Ethics in Teacher Education Courses

    Colleen Swain, University of Florida, United States; Elizabeth Gilmore, Texas Wesleyan University, United States

    In today's world it is quite common to see old ideas repackaged and presented to consumers in sleek new containers. This repackaging also occurs in the educational realm. For example, the violence ... More

    pp. 535-545

  6. Internet Plagiarism: A Teacher's Combat Guide

    Jill Suarez & Allison Martin, Bossier Parish Community College, United States

    Have you ever sat down to grade a student's paper and wondered, 'Where in the world did this come from? I know Suzy Sleepalot did not write this paper.' Educators across the country are facing the ... More

    pp. 546-549