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Annual Meeting of the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society


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Number of papers: 5

  1. How Would Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Enhance Assessment for Learning Mathematics by the Special Education Needs Students (SENS) in Secondary Education Sector

    Aaron A. R. Nwabude

    This paper is a pilot study that investigates how the use of virtual learning environment can enhance or support assessment "for" learning mathematics by the KS4 students with special... More

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  2. E-Learning, State and Educational System in Middle East Countries

    Hamid Rashidi, Abbas Madandar Arani & Lida Kakia

    E-learning has provided men with new opportunities in teaching-learning procedures. A historical review of educational systems literature reveals that e-learning has spread out among people much... More

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  3. A Gender Perspective on Student Questioning upon the Transition to Higher Education

    Mariana Martinho, Patrícia Albergaria Almeida & José Teixeira-Dias

    This paper refers to an ongoing PhD research (2011-2014) aimed at contributing to a better understanding of student questioning in the teaching, learning and assessment processes in higher... More

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  4. Student Perceptions of the Distance Education Mode Compared with Face-to-Face Teaching in the University Distance Education Programme

    Claudio Rafael Vásquez Martínez, Graciela Girón & Antonio Ayón Bañuelos

    This paper is based on a study of the perceptions of the distance education mode compared with face-to-face teaching on the part of students on the university distance education programme at the... More

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  5. Distance Education in Higher Education in Latvia

    Daina Vasilevska

    For a modern society it is common to have a new point of view about education, which changes functional role of system of education and makes it an integrative social institution. The process of... More

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